An intimate 3-month experience to help you get clients on repeat and ditch the unfulfilling single session approach, so that you create a deeper impact and make the income you deserve as a dietitian or health coach.


Are you ready to confidently attract consistent clients, without relying on random MD referrals or dancing on TikTok?

I see you, health pro...

  • You’re a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition, but marketing yourself online feels intimidating and time consuming
  • You keep questioning your niche wondering if it’s oversaturated and aren’t sure how to stand out or get noticed
  • You’ve been watching everyone around you rock it online and leave their clinical jobs while you struggle to book discovery calls
  • You often compare yourself to other health pros and try to analyze what they’re doing to uncover their “secret” to success
  • You play peek-a-boo with your audience - showing up for a few weeks and then getting discouraged when you don’t get the validation you’re looking for in the form of likes or comments

You’re an amazing dietitian or health coach with the knowledge to transform lives (and make great money while you’re at it!).

The work you do is powerful - helping people feel great in their bodies, avoid unnecessary medications, boost their odds of getting pregnant, enjoy peaceful family mealtimes with their kids...

Only problem is getting those clients to work your magic 🔮 on...

I mean you’ve had a client here or there, but if we’re being completely honest, they kinda felt like a random fluke and you’re not sure how to make it happen again.

It doesn’t help that your confidence takes a hit every time you open IG and see someone bragging about being fully booked or making $10K months.

If all this sounds eerily familiar and you’re secretly wondering if I read through your journal, you’re in the right place.

And I gotta give you major credit because despite some disappointments on your entrepreneurial journey so far, you’re still IN IT! Deep down you know you’ve got what it takes, you’re determined to make it work and that’s exactly why your success is inevitable.

Take a minute to close your eyes and imagine this...

  • Knowing exactly how to market your business and talk about your offers in a way that truly resonates with your best-fit clients.
  • Nailing your niche, understanding what makes you stand out, and getting a steady flow of DMs from people saying "you're totally speaking to me!"
  • Filling your calendar with discovery calls and feeling confident in your ability to have stress-free sales conversations that leave your potential client feeling empowered in their decision to hire you.
  • Having a clear content strategy that allows you to show up consistently while taking advantage of your unique strengths.

Over the past 5 years I’ve coached countless dietitians to be able to leave their clinical jobs, get fully booked, and make $10K months (and beyond) while working 20 hours/week so I know that’s 1000% possible for you too.

I've done this through my unique Client Compass™ framework that allows them to achieve all of the above, without hustling 24/7 or compromising their values.

Erin O’Neill


Accredited Practicing Dietitian

What I love most about working with Orly is that I truly see her as a partner in my business who keeps me focused and accountable every step of the way.

While working together, I got fully booked, hit my highest revenue month ($11K while working only 20 hours/week during a pandemic!), and hired my first VA. Even more important, I experienced so many major mindset shifts that helped me overcome my limiting beliefs and get sold on myself and my offers.

Having Orly's support between sessions allowed me to move forward faster and her valuable feedback on my copy & content is always pure gold. It's taught me so much about how to create compelling content that converts.

So do I recommend working with Orly? Hell yes! In a heartbeat. The best time to hire Orly was yesterday - the second best time is NOW!

Every day I’m privileged to get an intimate, behind-the-scenes view of so many businesses which means I fully understand the struggles (been there myself too) and also how to overcome them.

I know you've probably been told you need to set up complicated sales funnels or SEO optimize your website to get clients. Maybe you've been told blogging is the key to success or that you won't get clients without focusing on reels or TikTok.

You're not at fault.

There's a lot of misleading, cookie-cutter information out there and while it may work for some dietitians, that doesn't mean it'll work for you.

And that's why I’ve compressed all of the knowledge I’ve gained through coaching so many health pros, as well as running my own 6-figure business (on less than 20 hours/week) into a comprehensive program that’ll give you all the lessons, tools, templates, and real-time support you need to go from spinning your wheels (and wondering why the clients aren't rolling in) to knowing exactly what money-making activities to focus on every day that’ll lead to consistent clients and consistent income.

If you want to learn how to get consistent clients (without spending a dime on FB ads or dancing on reels), I have something for you…


A 3-month, intimate group coaching container for dietitians and health coaches who want to stand out online, create captivating content that conveys the power of their work, and get fully booked with self pay clients.


Create crave-worthy offers that get your clients results and have them telling all their friends you’re the best thing since Ted Lasso

Confidently articulate the transformative results you provide for your clients with a clear and concise marketing message

Learn the art of writing captivating content that attracts your dream clients & gets your schedule full of calls

Sell your offers with integrity by learning how to have sales conversations that feel good for both you and your potential client, which ultimately means hearing YES more often.

Get consistent clients headed your way, without taking yet another certification or spending 24/7 on social media

Be supported by an intimate community of like-minded health pros that actually GET IT and are there to cheer you on every step of the way!

That’s exactly what you’ll get (plus SO much more)
in The Client Compass™

I’ve been coaching dietitians long enough to know what works and The Client Compass™ will give you
EXACTLY what you need to know to get clients, and more importantly, feel in
control of making it happen on repeat.

  • No more struggling to find clients or worrying that each new client is just a random fluke.
  • No more feeling like you need to market your business in a way that compromise your values.
  • No more signing up for courses with empty promises that leave you feeling even more overwhelmed.

I'm sharing everything you need to know to get the exact results you want and the mindset support you need to actually take action and DO IT!

Orli Rabin

Autoimmune Dietitian

I finally feel like I have a plan and I'm not just shooting in the dark!

Not only that, I've booked more discovery calls and I'm getting more engagement on social media too. Before signing up for the Client Compass I was worried that I wouldn't have enough time to complete the program, but I loved how short and concise the weekly videos were. It also helped having personalized support and accountability from Orly on our group coaching calls and getting to know a community of incredible RDs.

This program is highly applicable, to the point, and created for action and implementation. You can make progress, without spending a ton of time and I feel so much more grounded and confident in my business now.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with content creation and not sure what to focus on to attract clients in your business, the Client Compass is for you!

Kacie Ferguson

Migraine Dietitian

Before joining the Client Compass, I felt like building my business was a difficult and murky journey. I only had my own passion and discipline to rely on, and really desired accountability and clarity. Signing up was a big step for me since I don't often seek help! I've tried to DIY most of my life and my business, but I'm so glad I took the leap to invest in myself and my business.

With Orly's support I've clarified my message on social media a ton, which has my audience more interested in my offer. I've booked more discovery calls than ever before and feel like I know exactly what I need to focus on to grow my business (no more "shiny object syndrome" distracting me).

If you're new to business, the Client Compass is the perfect program to walk you through all of the essentials while also getting support and encouragement from a positive community.

Katie Blumhorst

Renal Dietitian

I joined the Client Compass because I was struggling with streamlining discovery calls and having a consistent flow of clients in my business, putting together a signature program, and getting out there on social media.

My #1 hesitation was if I was going to have the time to do the action items in the program, but the training videos were short, actionable, and totally manageable with my busy schedule.

Now I feel so much more organized and know what to focus on in my business. I gained clarity on who I help, what I offer, and the confidence to start posting content to social media with a clear plan.

I also loved the sense of community and having the opportunity to learn from other business owners, glean ideas from their perspectives, and get feedback every step of the way.

Here’s what we’ll cover inside The Client Compass™:

When you join the Client Compass™ you’ll get everything you need to set a solid foundation for your business and get consistent clients on repeat.


Short & Actionable Video Training Modules

That walk you through every step you need to take in your business to get those clients lining up to work with you (if you listen to my podcast, you know I’m a boss at keeping things super concise and actionable!)

No Fluff Workbooks & Resources

Designed to help you take all those thoughts swirling around inside your head and make sense of them by putting pen to paper

9 Live Group Coaching Calls

Where I’ll answer all your questions and offer hot-seat coaching to help you move forward faster and shift your mindset from stress to success (FYI: everyone will get a turn to be coached live - that’s just one of the reasons I’m keeping the group small)

Ongoing support

Through a group SLACK channel with your new biz besties - this is where you’ll be able to get all your questions answered between calls, bounce ideas off each other, share wins, and receive support

Access to my Copy Vault

That includes 10 of my best social media posts and details about why they worked so you can use them as inspiration to write your own killer content

Tons of bonus tools, templates & trainings

Designed to help you stop overthinking and start taking consistent & strategic action that’s focused on getting clients

I’m SO ready to get consistent clients!


✔ 9 x 60-minute live group coaching calls

✔ 3 Live Copy Clinics where you'll get my eyes on your content to elevate the way you show online

Access to weekly modules, templates, workbooks, and copywriting resources

Private SLACK channel to get ongoing support from Orly and your amazing health pro peers

✔ Bonus trainings by guest experts (topics covered may include legal, client onboarding, social media)

PRICE:  $5000
(4-month payment plan available)
APPLY NOW & GET $1500 OFF >>


Carrie Weitzel

Registered Dietitian

Before joining the Client Compass I struggled with getting self-pay clients and I was inconsistent and overwhelmed posting on social media.

Orly helped me design a signature program I'm excited about and within 2 weeks of launching it, I got my first patient scheduled! Not only that, I crossed over $2K on my income in March for the first time ever!

I feel so much more organized and SIGNIFICANTLY less stressed with posting on social media now that I have a clear system for mapping out my content calendar each month. And once I started engaging more, my following grew very quickly on both IG and FB. For once, I actually feel like I won't be working 24/7 to be successful in my business! The client compass program is one of the best decisions I've ever made for my business.

Mackenzie Burgess

Registered Dietitian

Thanks to the Client Compass I was able to turn my one-off service into a full coaching program, write content that really resonates with my best fit clients, and I even got TWO new clients!

This is exactly what I needed to feel clear on my business offering, structure, and marketing. I loved the bite sized action items each week, connecting with a tight knit community of other like minded RDs and the focus on mindset that's helped me believe in myself and my business so much more! If you're thinking of joining the Client Compass, go for it.

Kristi Winkels

Food Allergy Dietitian

Before signing up for the Client Compass I felt overwhelmed! I was signing up for all sorts of webinars/challenges/etc to help me figure out what I needed to do to get my business off the ground and was really just spinning my wheels.

Now I feel more organized and have a better mindset about being an entrepreneur. Having a weekly assignment helped me stay focused and being able to post on Slack to get feedback from Orly and my fellow group members throughout the program was awesome! My system for content creation is WAY better (though I'm still working on it!) and my social media engagement has increased.

I would definitely recommend the Client Compass - it's a great way to get focused, put systems in place, and start feeling like you are a business owner.


Q: What is The Client Compass™?

The Client Compass™ is an intimate, live group coaching program for health pros who want to stop spinning their wheels and focus on the RIGHT things to build a thriving business instead of #allthethings, so they can get consistent clients, make more money AND enjoy the process.

Q: When does The Client Compass™ start?

It starts on Monday, February 27th 2023 and runs for 12 weeks.

Q: What if I’m still a newbie entrepreneur and don’t know my niche yet?

You’re in the right place. Getting clear on who you want to work with and what problem you’ll solve for them is the foundation of your business and where I start off with all my clients. I see too many people waste money on fancy websites before they even know their niche, so you’ll be one step ahead by setting a solid foundation in place first.

Q: I really want my business to work, but can’t I just figure all this stuff out on my own?

You’re a smart, capable health pro and your success is inevitable whether you get support or not. That being said, I’d love for you to consider your desired timeline for success? Investing in support helps you move forward a lot faster, with a lot less stumbles along the way.
Over the past 4 years, I’ve coached countless health pros to get fully booked, leave their clinical jobs, make $10K+ months and spend more time with their families. I know what works and where to focus your time to get the best results.
So if you’re ready to speed up the process of getting clients and making consistent money in your business, I’d love to support you!

Q: This sounds like exactly what I need, but I have more questions. Can I talk to Orly first?

Absolutely! I’m happy to answer any questions you have! Send an email to or DM me on Instagram and we’ll set up a time to chat through everything that’s on your mind.

So you’ve made it all the way to the bottom and you’re feeling scarecited (scared + excited) to take the next step. Your intuition is nudging you in the right direction, but a part of you still has doubts?

The way I see it you have 2 options:

Option 1:

You decide “nah, I can do this on my own” and continue to hope and pray that clients will find you on HealthProfs, download more freebies that leave you confused and overwhelmed about which strategy makes sense for you and your business, and keep studying other health pro captions like it’s your FT job hoping you’ll finally crack the IG code (I see you!)

You’re making it SO much harder than it needs to be, my friend! And while you’re wasting all that time, there’s clients out there who so desperately need what you can offer.

Option 2:

You bet on yourself and stop letting fear & self-doubt hold you back. You trust that you’re here reading this for a reason.

You get clear on how to stand out from the crowd, create crave-worthy offers that make it a no-brainer for your ideal clients to hire you and finally start getting consistent clients (in a way that feels repeatable). You get support from an intimate community of other health pros plus personal feedback and mindset support from yours truly at a fraction of my 1:1 coaching program.